AHDP – Componentes Automotivos e
Aeroportuarios Unipessoal, Lda (AHDP) is an independent supplier of spare parts
for Industrial, airport and automotive equipment and is not affiliated with the
manufacturers mentioned on this website or in any of our catalogues.

Genuine and Original equipment manufacturer
(OEM) names are registered trademarks of each manufacturer.

Genuine and OEM part names and numbers are
for reference only and do not indicate the manufacturer of our products.

All orders include acceptance by the buyer
of our general sales conditions, which form an integral part of the agreement.

All other general or particular conditions
issued by the buyer are excluded unless they are agreed in writing.



Our website and catalogs do not constitute
an obligation on the articles displayed, they are advertised as an indication
and subject to constant development.


All of our quotes are non-binding. The
contract is considered accepted after confirmation of receipt of the order in
writing (email or purchase order) after its execution begins.


We reserve the right to increase prices if
the quantity ordered decreases after quotation.



a) All sales are considered Ex-works,
unless other modalities are expressly defined in writing.

This means that the buyer is responsible
for all costs and risks inherent to the goods from the moment they are made
available in our warehouse.

Our prices do not include transport or
shipping costs, unless agreed in writing.


b) Delivery times are given as an
indication only. No delay in delivery may result in the cancellation of the
order or result in compensation in favor of the buyer, unless the delay is


c) We reserve the right to make partial
deliveries (subject to the customer’s approval preferential).


d) For failure to deliver the goods, any
advance payments made by the buyer will be refunded, without the right to
interest or compensation.


e) It is advisable to control and test the
conformity of goods sent to detect and immediately report any defects.



The goods sent remain our property until
the full value of the goods has been collected, including any costs and
expenses, late payment interest and compensation.


In the event of non-payment by the due
date, we reserve the right to repossess the goods at the buyer’s expense.



a) Complaints, to be considered valid, must
be notified by registered letter:

(a) in case of non-conformity, within eight
(8) days after delivery and

(b) in case of hidden faults, within a
period of fifteen (15) days after the detection of the failure or after the
time at which the detection of the failure is considered reasonable.

b) Legal proceedings regarding hidden
faults must be initiated, under penalty of exclusion, no later than four (4)
months after the fault was reasonably detected or recognized.

c) Acceptance of goods by the buyer or his
agent implies that all non-conformities have been detected and accepted.



Goods cannot be returned without prior
written agreement from us. In this case, and depending on the inherent
administrative and logistical expenses, the amount already paid for the goods
will be reimbursed as follows:

a) 10% reduction if the goods have been
returned in perfect salable condition;


b) 20% reduction if the goods can be sold
after repackaging;


c) 30% reduction if goods have to be
cleaned and controlled.

For all goods produced to measure or
specific customer request, returns are not accepted.



We only assume liability for damages
resulting from hidden faults, false exposure or serious faults. However, we are
not responsible for fraud or serious errors on the part of our employees or any


Our liability excludes indirect, general or
specific damages, of any nature, to which the buyer was subject.


We are not responsible for damages caused
by external factors that may prevent the proper functioning of our assets.

External factors include:

a) Obstruction in the system’s operating
area, or other external factor that prevents normal operation and could cause


b) Inappropriate and uncontrolled use of
parts that could damage the equipment;


c) Use of superior forces beyond the
indicated specifications;


d) Incorrect installation, We are not
responsible for equipment malfunctioning if the defined rules of use and
assembly are not respected.


e) Tires Customers must pay attention to
the assembly process and the Wheels that will receive them, check whether they
are in a condition to be fitted with new tires.


The specifications on product liability
that are described by the manufacturer must be scrupulously followed by the



a) Our guarantee is restricted to the free
repair or replacement of goods affected by manufacturing faults and, if this
repair or replacement is not possible, the refund of the value of the goods.

b) The guarantee is valid for one year,
after the invoicing date, except electrical material subject to investigation.


c) The warranty is not applicable in the
case of incorrect assembly and maintenance and negative external factors.


d) We will not assume any assembly and
disassembly costs or other direct or indirect expenses.



We will not accept any liability for delays
or failure to perform agreed obligations resulting from causes beyond our
normal control, including manufacturing interruptions, supply difficulties,
failure of raw materials, labor, energy, transportation or delay in transport,
blockades, strikes or other labor disputes, which affect us or our suppliers,
even when these are predictable.



a) All invoices are paid at our
headquarters in Leiria-Portugal by wire transfer or other agreed method of
payment, on the date indicated, without reduction, unless otherwise stipulated
on the invoice.

b) Any complaint regarding invoices, in
order to be considered valid, must be described in detail and sent by email or
registered letter within ten (10) days after the date of the invoice.

c) Under no circumstances will the buyer be
released from their payment obligations, such as due to the existence of
complaints regarding supplies.

d) In case of late payment of overdue
invoices, a debit note will be issued at an interest rate of 1.5% per month,
without prior notice. In this sense, any month that begins is considered a
complete month.

e) In case of total or partial non-payment
of the invoice by the due date, the buyer is obliged, without prior notice, to
pay, in relation to administrative expenses, a minimum amount of one hundred
euros (100.00 EU).

f) In the event of total or partial
non-payment of an invoice by the due date or if the buyer breaches any of the
agreed obligations, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate existing
agreements with the buyer, with immediate effect, without the need for legal
recourse, and to immediately demand payment of all debts, including those not
yet due, regardless of the existing agreement and without prejudice to other
rights we have.


g) The fact that the seller does not react
immediately to the breach of any clause in the contract does not prevent him
from reacting later to this breach.



If one of the clauses of these general
conditions of sale is declared null and void, this will not imply the validity
of the remaining clauses.




All agreements established with the buyer
will be governed by Portuguese law. Any and all disputes will be submitted to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the Leiria-Portugal District Court.